Where is week 8? oops i’m off on one, lol

21 03 2011

Hi guys, did i miss something? have we come to the end of our 25 research things? i was enjoying the weekly distraction and learning more about so many useful tools on the web, i’m not ready to find a new monday routine!

however, i do have something new occuring today – i have an interview at STOP HATE UK, it is for a voluntary position, but i figure if i prove to be a assett to the organisation it could lead to paid employment.  it will also give me much needed experience, qualifications aren’t everything. It will give me an idea of the real issues faced by marginalised individuals and groups, rather than just reading the literature on such matters, and who knows it could give me some ideas for future research.

This morning i was discussing hate with an aquaintance and she said “some people are animals” i don’t agree, animals don’t discriminate, and animals that are violent are usually so due to the influence of man (woman). Some people just put themselves above others, we are meant to be a civilised society, accepting of human diversity, but we judge others for their differences, such as the colour of their skin, their religious beliefs, culture, sexuality, disabilities; what gives us the right to deem others as less worthy of things we take for granted? why is being white associated with superiority?

In my opinion ignorance is the basis for hate. i’m getting quite fuelled now as i process my feelings on the subject, i guess i should count my blessings that i am a white heterosexual female, with no visible disabilities, living in a working class community among similar people, nothing much about me that would initiate a hate campaign (unless of course you know me personally, lol). however, take me out of this setting and put me ‘somewhere i don’t belong’ where maybe being white is hated (can’t say as i blame oppressed individuals for hating white people) and then i could easily a victim of hate. we create communities of similar people, for example we have class structures; ethnic minorities and gays and lesbians build their own communities and tend to remain within the confines of that community, as if they must not wander into dissimilar communities.  we should question then why do we have these invisible boundaries? furthermore, just because we are not all alike (how boring would that be) should we be persecuted for our differences?

i could go on all day but i have just noticed the time and must set off for my interview, i must say that having my little rant as actually prepared me for the interview and i feel enlightened, you know what – blogging is good for ironing out my thoughts, i’m don’t feel the pressures of writing a paper when i’m blogging, i write freely straight off the top of my head as the thoughts swirl around my head – it is very refreshin.

i’ll let you all know how i get on, and if you have any thoughts of your own on my writings or anything really then leave a comment

OH by the way, now done 4 weeks of not smoking, haven’t even been wearing the patches, though i am still using the losenges, a couple of time i did think ‘oh i could kill for a cig right now’ but then i reminded myself that ‘hang on, i haven’t had a cig for however long, so why do i need one now?’ and the craving passes. went to cessation this morning and now i only need to go every fortnight, and next time i go i get a reward oooh i can’t wait na, i love getting rewarded lol

got to go, probably could talk all day now i’ve started (must be having a manic moment)