25 research things: week 9

4 04 2011

hi guys, i guess its time to say goodbye now we have reached the end of our introduction to web 2.0. i feel i have learnt quite a lot over the last few weeks, my favourites have been Diigo and blogging. quite a few of the 25 research things were tools i had already been using especially the social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, and linked in. though i am really grateful for the introduction to groupon, i had never heard of this group but have started using it quite regular now. the worst activity for me was podcasts, i have no idea how they work and did not find them useful at all. i will continue to use the 25 research things throughout my studies and hopefully become more familiar with them over time. i am definately going to continue blogging as i have found this very helpful in processing my thoughts, and i like recieving comments from you guys.

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