25 research things: week 6

8 03 2011

I didn’t do much of the research things yesterday, i did take a look at flickr and uploaded some pictures, but that’s about as far as i got. i had a look at all the other flijckr related items but didn’t play around with them, this will probably be something i go back to if i ever do a poster project.

you will all be pleased to know i have now done 2 weeks of no smoking and my carbon monoxide level is 1, i have even had a drink with friends for my birthday and still not smoked which i was dreading but i made myself proud. the next hurdle will be going out with the girls on saturday night, though i am confident that the cravings are gone. i must say my taste buds are enjoying all the new flavours i never knew things tasted so good lol


25 research things: week 5

28 02 2011

hi guys, well doing this weeks 25 research things started out pretty easy. i found slideshare and prezi quite useful, i didn’t upload anything as yet but i did find plenty of stuff on domestic violence that might be of use at some point during my studies. i love google documents that will save some valuable time over the coming months, i uploaded a paper i have just finished but have not shared it yet, it is ‘interpretations of domestic violence: defining intimate partner abuse’ and will be submitted for publication after i have done my presentation on it in Amsterdam at the end of March.

like i say that was all pretty straightforward, but then it got to creative commons, and well the mind boggles. i am going to have to look at this again later as thus far it is going straight over the top of my head.

on a lighter note, my mission to give up smoking is going well. i am on day 6 of quitting, my carbon monoxide reading is down to 2 which is the normal level for non-smokers and i can honestly say i am not missing smelling like a tap hole.

how is everyone else getting on?

stopping smoking

21 02 2011

as if i don’t have enough stress, what with doing a PhD, but today i have been to smoking cessation and i am quitting smoking on Wednesday 23rd February, i have my patches and lozenges at the ready and intend to enjoy every last cigarette over the next 2 days, and seeing as i probably won’t be drinking until i am confident that i will not pick up a cigarette i might just have a little tipple this evening, to celebrate saying goodbye to my constant sore throat, shortness of breath and bad chest, not to mention the smell. though i did do well on the carbon monoxide test, only registering at 5 (2 is the norm). i will keep you updated as to my progress and if anyone else out there is stoppping we can support each other.

25 research things: week 4

21 02 2011

wow, this week was really easy after last weeks fiasco, although only because i am already a member of twitter and linked in (though i spend way too much time on facebook, lol). i did take the time to retry the mendeley site and finally after emailing the support group they verified my account so i am now up and running with that. so thats week 4 completed without too much stress. how is everyone else getting on with all the new internet tools? i have to admit it is rather a lot to take in and i will probably need to go back over everything occassionally before it all sinks in.

25 research things: week 3

14 02 2011

tagging: i can see it is a good thing but sometimes i just don’t know what tags to use, i think this is one that is going to require some practice. tell ya what though adding all my books to the library thing is going to take some time, i will probably have finished my PhD before i complete that task, i have already added over 200 books and thats just the top 2 shelves of my home library, it is a quick process though just typing in the title and author and poof the book appears, it will actually come in handy as i have already come across a couple of books that i’de forgotton about that might actually be useful for my research (i now need to tag them for ease of access lol). i am having some trouble setting up a Mendeley account though is anyone else not recieving the email to confirm subscription? i have checked my email and tried resend but nothing as yet so i am going to have a break and try again later, i will update yo on my progress

Intimate Partner Abuse (aka Domestic Violence)

7 02 2011

Intimate Partner Abuse (aka Domestic Violence).

25 research things: week 2

7 02 2011

hi guys, well i thought i was pretty clued in to researching on the internet but obviously i have not been using all the resources available. i am still a little clueless on RSS feeds, but found google reader easy to work with, and now that i have got my blog into a blog directory i can’t wait for more people to share their research trials and tribulations