my PhD journey: from student to lecturer

9 11 2011

hi all

So much for trying to update regularly, crikey I’ve been so busy its been around 6 months since my last update.

Ok so what new, well from the title you may well have guessed that I am now lecturing as well as trying to do my PhD, I say trying as I am working so much I am finding it difficult to make time to do anything on my PhD, so currently I have an almost complete paper waiting to be finalised so that I can send it for journal publication. I also have in my head at least 2 more papers that need writing either for conference or journal, as working towards my progression form 6 and getting my ethics form ready, so no pressure there lol

The paper I wrote and presented at the Investigative Psychology conference in Amsterdam (Interpretations of domestic violence: defining intimate partner abuse)  is now available in the university repository at anyone interested in the subject might want to check it out (positive/negative feedback/critique welcomed)

So what am I teaching I hear you ask, well I am delivering final year undergrad Forensic Psychology at UCO & UCB (that’s the University of Huddersfield campuses at Oldham & Barnsley), as well as first year undergrad Concepts in Psychology at both campuses and final year undergrad Psychological Difficulties at UCO; on top of this I am supervising 3 final year projects and have 31 first year personal tutee’s across the 2 campuses. there is also the possibility that I may be supervising a few more projects shortly, so you can see I have my hands full. Although I am enjoying lecturing and so far so good I’m getting positive feedback from the students and my superiors. I just hope I can get a healthy balance between work and PhD so that I don’t fall behind, but if I don’t work I can’t pay my fees, and I don’t get the much-needed experience.

I also covered a lecture with the MSc Investigative Psychology students on Domestic Violence & Stalking which was quite daunting, but I got through it. There is definitely a difference in lecturing at the campuses and lecturing at Queensgate.

I have now signed up to do the TAPP (Teaching Assistant Preparation Programme) in January. I know a little late considering the amount I’m doing, but I feel I could benefit from some training, as I was just thrown in the deep end when I started as I couldn’t make the training day due to being on holiday.

I can say now though after a couple of months lecturing that I am starting to develop a routine and should soon be getting back on top of my PhD, though assignments will be due in soon so I will have a pile of marking to do. However, I am not going to worry as term time is only half the year so I will get time to catch up when schools out.

Well I think that’s about all for now folks, up early for work in the morning so I’ll leave for now.

nice to chat with you all again, till next time

bye peeps




One response

13 12 2012
Benjamin Walker

Hi Julia

With regards to your essay, I was wondering about the relevance of motivation within the proposed extension of the DV (IPA) definition. It seems to me that an act of violence/abuse that falls within the framework of domestic violence is the breaking of a normative standard which, seeing as it is an ethical concept rather than some kind of intrinsic value or imperative, is unconcerned with motivating forces; that is, domestic violence is an unjustifiable act and therefore motivations are beside the issue.

I was also wondering whether the term ‘Intimate partner abuse’ is really a substantial improvement on the term ‘domestic violence’. It seems to me that this doesn’t capture the whole of the issue relating to domestic abuse any better than the thing it is replacing. The term ‘intimate partner’ has connotations of lovers or couples, but I see no reason why the DV model couldn’t be applied to adult family, significant others or even platonic friends. It also seems to have the same connotations of shared accommodation, etc. and so I wonder whether you have really clarified your terms or whether you have simply muddied the waters even more by adding yet another imprecise label to an already confusing concept. Something like Sustained Inter-Personal Abuse (SIPA) seems to me to capture the essence of the thing more accurately (although, still not perfectly).

This may just be a misunderstanding of your work, so I would appreciate it if you would correct any misrepresentations I may have made.


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