25 research things: week 8

28 03 2011

Hi guys, step one this week (you tube) was extremely easy for me as i use it quite often, especially as a research tool, i have many clips saved regarding domestic violence 2 of which i have added to this blog, the first one is a call made to police by a man during an attack from his wife, some think this is funny and i can understand that but it does show that we need to raise awareness of domestic violence aimed at men 

The second clip is the first in a series of four showing Erin Pizzey discussing domestic violence against men, i find this extremely informative especially when you consider that Erin Pizzey is actually the woman who opened the first shelter for battered women in the UK in 1967 

It is not only the clips that are useful/interesting, it is also the comments that are left by viewers, i will definately be using youtube during the process of my thesis.

Took a good look at podcasts, and have decided they are not for me, firstly i didn’t find anything of interest and secondly, it seems way too complicated. i signed up but didn’t recieve the email link to confirm my identity, i queried it but still nothing. i did manage to take a look at some podcasts but as i found them dull.  i think this is one app i can live without. so i guess thats 24 of the 25 research things over with.

On a different note, i am off to Amsterdam on Wednesday for the Investigative Psychology conference at which i am presenting, i’m glad i did a run through last week as i have made a few changes to make it easier for me to remember and to keep in time. i’d like to thank everyone who came to the research forum for their input – though it still didn’t ease my anxiety, lol. my presentation slot as been moved and i am now presenting Thursday lunch time instead of Friday morning, i’m actually glad of the move as it means once it is over i have 2.5 days to relax and enjoy rather than letting my anxiety build, after all its only 20 minutes of my life, how bad can it be?

I’ll let you know the outcome next week. don’t worry i won’t be having a cig to calm my nerves (5 weeks a non-smoker now :-)), but a shot of vodka might be called for.

well i’m not going to chatter on as i sometimes do as i have alot to do still in preperation, so i’ll see you all next week




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