Interview success, now the waiting game

21 03 2011

I’m back, the interview was a success, now i have to wait until they schedule my training which will coincide with the return of my CRB check, so now i am playing the waiting game, which they estimate to be 3-4 weeks. It was a nightmare finding the place and i know when i go for training i am going to get totally and utterly lost in Leeds. fortunately once i have recieved the appropriate training i will be working from home and not required to go into the offices. my first training is as an helpline worker, providing phone, text and email help to victims, witnesses, family members ect who are or have been affected by discrimination/hate, advising on available services in their locality and providing support.

I am also being considered to work with the review board, looking at closed cases they have been involved with to determine whether sufficient support was provided by all responsible service providers, and whether or not things could have/should have been done differently.

I’m really excited now, they provide a fantastic service in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, and local communities. i have very positive vibes about working for STOP HATE UK.




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