25 research things: week 7

16 03 2011

Hi all, well i took a look at ‘my experiment’ and ‘arts-humanities.net’ but did not find either of them of any interest to me, however, i did sign up to my experiment for future reference. As for wikipedia, i do tend to use it as a starting point as it provides a base for whatever i am researching. i find wikipedia useful for giving me a general understanding of a subject before i intesify my research, i also find it useful for building critique of a subject.

During my undergrad i had to do a paper on genetic engineering, something for which i had no knowledge, i explored the subject on wikipedia and purchased a book they had referenced, the book was actually aimed at high-school children but believe me it made a lot more sense to me than the academic books i had been reading on the subject and i got an excellent grade for my paper as a result. therefore, i would never discount wikipedia as a research tool.

I looked up intimate partner abuse and as is the norm i was diverted to ‘Domestic Violence’. wikipedia provides a excellent description of DV, identifying numerous terms used synonymously and discussing the difference between DV and ‘family violence’. it identifies DV as physical and non-physical abuse within intimate relationships, and identifies with heterosexual male victims as well as same-sex relationships. Overall, wikipedia’s entry for DV is a thorough account that is well evidenced, though it refers to family members, which is problematic as it is then crossing over with family violence. though, i am not going to discuss this in depth as i have a paper awaiting publication that iterates this point.

I have signed up as a member of wikipedia and would be very interested in writing my own entry or in the least adding to the DV entry once my paper is publicised and i can back up my argument.

On a totally different note, my presentation in Amsterdam is drawing ever nearer and i am petrified. my slides are ready and i know my work inside out, my problem is that i go blank – literally, i never feel nervous beforehand but as soon as i take the to the floor and click on my slides it’s like i am seeing it for the first time and i forget everything. i am doing a run through at the research forum on 23rd March but am still worried, especially as i do not speak academically, those of you that know me, know exactly what i mean, i am a Barnsley lass and as the saying goes ‘you can take a lass out of Barnsley, but you can’t take Barnsley out of the lass’.

Does anyone have any advice on how i might ‘posh it up’ as my supevisor said, lol




2 responses

24 03 2011
Graham Stone

I’d like to borrow your comments about Wkipedia as I think you are totally spot on about how to use it and your assessment of the quality of the info 🙂

Just realised it is the 23 March – so good luck! My only advice is be yourself – I think folk appreciate a presentation that they can understand, much more than an ‘academic’ one! Especially if it is to an audience where English is not the native language.

24 03 2011

no probs Graham, nice to be of service, thanks for advice, i’ll let you know how i get on

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