25 research things: week 6

8 03 2011

I didn’t do much of the research things yesterday, i did take a look at flickr and uploaded some pictures, but that’s about as far as i got. i had a look at all the other flijckr related items but didn’t play around with them, this will probably be something i go back to if i ever do a poster project.

you will all be pleased to know i have now done 2 weeks of no smoking and my carbon monoxide level is 1, i have even had a drink with friends for my birthday and still not smoked which i was dreading but i made myself proud. the next hurdle will be going out with the girls on saturday night, though i am confident that the cravings are gone. i must say my taste buds are enjoying all the new flavours i never knew things tasted so good lol




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15 03 2011

I’m a total convert to Flikr these days – my PowerPoints have gone from being text heavy, to full of Creative Commons approved Flikr images to lighten the tone of the presentations – seems to go done well with the audience too.

BTW, I’m not sure what I’m enjoying most – your Things updates or the quitting smoking updates! Can we take it as a good endorsement of 25 Research Things that we haven’t driven you back to the evil weed?

15 03 2011

i still haven’t had the time to take a good look at flikr but i will make time soon, especially if it will assist in my presentations.

as for no smoking, you will pleased to hear that i have now been a non-smoker for 3 weeks, i am no longer wearing the patches and only have a losenge a couple of times a day. again my carbon monoxide reading was only 1 and my ebvening out with the girls did not tempt me at all.

i haven’t got around to this weeks 25 research things yet, but add a blog when i do.

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