25 research things: week 5

28 02 2011

hi guys, well doing this weeks 25 research things started out pretty easy. i found slideshare and prezi quite useful, i didn’t upload anything as yet but i did find plenty of stuff on domestic violence that might be of use at some point during my studies. i love google documents that will save some valuable time over the coming months, i uploaded a paper i have just finished but have not shared it yet, it is ‘interpretations of domestic violence: defining intimate partner abuse’ and will be submitted for publication after i have done my presentation on it in Amsterdam at the end of March.

like i say that was all pretty straightforward, but then it got to creative commons, and well the mind boggles. i am going to have to look at this again later as thus far it is going straight over the top of my head.

on a lighter note, my mission to give up smoking is going well. i am on day 6 of quitting, my carbon monoxide reading is down to 2 which is the normal level for non-smokers and i can honestly say i am not missing smelling like a tap hole.

how is everyone else getting on?




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