25 research things: week 3

14 02 2011

tagging: i can see it is a good thing but sometimes i just don’t know what tags to use, i think this is one that is going to require some practice. tell ya what though adding all my books to the library thing is going to take some time, i will probably have finished my PhD before i complete that task, i have already added over 200 books and thats just the top 2 shelves of my home library, it is a quick process though just typing in the title and author and poof the book appears, it will actually come in handy as i have already come across a couple of books that i’de forgotton about that might actually be useful for my research (i now need to tag them for ease of access lol). i am having some trouble setting up a Mendeley account though is anyone else not recieving the email to confirm subscription? i have checked my email and tried resend but nothing as yet so i am going to have a break and try again later, i will update yo on my progress




3 responses

21 02 2011

Wow, that’s some dedication. 200 books!!
I haven’t got round to adding all mine yet, but I did set up and add at least 10.
I haven’t tried Mendeley yet, last week kind of got away from me. I’ll let you know how I go when I get round to it,

Vicky x

21 02 2011

I went back to put more books in my library but it won’t allow me anymore? I also signed up to be a reviewer and applied for two books that caught my eye, and won one, so i get a free book and just have to leave a review on the site afte reading it, there was plenty to choose from. let me know how you get on with Mendeley, it wouldn’t send me a confirmation email, i tried numerous times but still nothing, so that may be one step i have to miss. lets see what today brings!!!!

21 02 2011

Nice one!! I signed up for member giveaways but haven’t won any of the books I requested yet. It has only been a week though, and I’ve only added 10 books to my library.
I’ve not got back to Mendeley yet, but maybe later today?

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